Universal washroom Doors

Universal washroom Doors

We supply, install, maintain & repair washroom doors. Not everyone is aware of the purpose and guidelines of universal restrooms in commercial premises. Presently, further new modern building codes have increased the number of accessibility requirements that need to be met for public washrooms. These developments make our public places usable for a greater number of people who otherwise face difficulties in public restrooms.

  • Universal washrooms are enclosed washrooms offering a barrier‐free toilet, sink and even turning space to accommodate a wheeled mobility device.
  • These washrooms can provide privacy and dignity for people of all abilities, including people with disabilities who may need the assistance of an attendant.
  • Universal washrooms also make it easier for families with infants and are not required to be limited to people with disabilities only.
  • These toilets must have a door that is capable of being locked from the inside and released from the outside in case of emergency.
  • A universal washroom should also be equipped with an emergency call system to use in case of any crisis or request for aid and that will allow a person inside the washroom to alert those outside in case assistance is required.
  • There are also specified mounting height and location directives for washroom accessories like soap dispensers, hand dryers as well as grab bars to provide safer gripping options

When properly designed and implemented, an accessible washroom locking system is easy and intuitive to use for everyone.

When a person enters the washroom and allows the door to close fully, they can push a button labelled “Push to Lock” which will secure the door from the outside and disengage the outside door operator switch. To exit the washroom and reset the system, the user need only open the door mechanically, or by using the inside door operator switch.

Illuminated indicators inside and outside the washroom can be incorporated into the system design to alert the occupant and others that the door is locked and the washroom is occupied. This helps reduce attempts to open the door when the washroom is in use.

During an emergency, staff members can override the system by entering with a mechanical key.

Today one must also focus towards those who are underprivileged and work towards offering them better facilities. The National Building Code of Canada is the model building code of Canada and is issued by the National Research Council Canada. The idea behind this is to build a framework of provisions suitable to maintain the safety of buildings with specific regard to public health, fire protection, accessibility and structural sufficiency. Recent amendments to the code have made universal washrooms a reality in most commercial establishments and work is on to build similar such facilities across the country.


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